We are the epicentre of health and wellbeing in the Houthavens Amsterdam, driven by unequivocal focus on improving your overall health. Dedicated to progression by personal attention and gentle encouragement, our passion points cover physical, mental and social wellbeing whilst keeping fierce attention on enjoying the journey.

Our services are purely to enhance your daily life, although we highlight the impact we have on mobility, mental clarity, work ethic and creativity. Think of us as the ultimate destination for all things health and fitness at the same time as being the life and soul of the party. After all we have one focus, one body, one life - let’s work hard, train fast, and last longer.


Find opportunity to challenge and express yourself beyond limits.

The understanding of the immeasurable whilst the mind remains extraordinarily quiet.

The craft of optimising health via made to measure, sustainably energising nutrition.

The art of perfecting the balance between working hard, training often and rewarding well.