Aerobic exercise is well known for slowing down the aging process, this is via certain cell's reaction in the body. Cardio is the number one ‘go-to’ for most effective weight loss, and also a key ingredient of the heart challenging recipe. Raising your heart rate makes it work hard and ultimately get stronger. Bingo!

Cardio is statistically the most commonly enjoyed workout, generating a unique rush of endorphins that make you feel super accomplished. After 30 minutes of a sweat sesh on the treads, in general, we all do know that you should probably move onto some free weight exercises but most of the time we skip this because.. meh, you’re just not in the mood! One problem-o, cardio-only workouts mean you miss out on your body's other muscular needs.  You simply can't build your muscles with cardio-only workouts.

When it comes to everyday workouts, most people fall into one of two categories. Some love to mix it up: high intensity one day, boxing the next, with a couple of barre classes thrown in for good measure. Others are creatures of habit: Their workouts look the same - running, weight lifting, or yoga - day after day, month after month. However, there are perks to both! If you are a frequent endorphin chaser with three days per week cardio you will definitely reap in the benefits, improved heart health for one, improved efficiency in your lower body muscles, and much more burned calories! However, the human body is a master at adaptation, It is important to do workouts that you enjoy, this is the main reason people stick to workouts - but there is a way to repeat exercise routines without compromising progress - don't cancel your cardio class or quit your strength training workout just yet!

Creating a healthy weekly workout plan at PPG that incorporates cardio, muscular, and flexibility training is important and be sure to give this plan a 12-week time frame to work. If you skimp out on resistance training, then you will not build muscular strength and you will not boost your metabolism as high as it could be. Try and select wisely over your 5 day week, the perfect combination would be 1 or 2 Masterclasses which incorporates both your cardio and resistance training, 'Box Tech' or 'Barre Italy' to engage your psychological benefits of learning and practising a new skill (not to mention get those boxing ‘shakes’ and barre aches!) Lastly don't neglect a yoga or meditation practice to stretch off and round of the week.

Olivia - Head Trainer People's Place Gym