Meet our international team of elite trainers, experts in their field.

Instructing classes of impeccable standard via personal attention, gradual intensity progression and a mutual emphasis on proper technique to keep your training progression in full motion.



Head trainer at People's Place Gym and founder of luxury health and fitness retreat company. 

Olivia has been a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor to the glitterati of London for many years before moving to Amsterdam.  

Trained in martial arts in Thailand and equipt with a fierce enthusiasm to create exciting 360 workout experiences.


Armed with imposing technique and awe-inspiring skill from her professional background in dance, and Master training in Pure Barre from the United States.

Italy’s classes are an eclectic mix of functional and deep conditioning training in a low impact but high energy style.

Italy has crafted her own method of Barre instruction and powerfully delivers it as one of our founding trainers at People's Place Gym.


Founding trainer of People's Place Gym and co-founder of one on Amsterdam’s most well known personal training companies.

Having started out training convicts in Holland’s prisons, Mink has established a method of training that encompasses the mind body and soul.

Focused on delivering a hardcore workout with equal amounts of fun and effectivity.


The most energetic member of our team with a strong following and penchant for core workouts.

Dedicated to promoting a healthy attitude to health and fitness, Belle’s workouts captivate her clients by showing her extraordinary personal strength during her classes.

Specialising in sculpting bodies in a controlled yet high intensity interval training method combined with a seriously hard-core focus!

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Holland’s ex-pro fighter Ramzi trains our clients in boxing technique to world class fighting standard.

With over a decades worth of personal experience in Kickboxing, and founder of a professional flighting team his box tech training classes are in high demand.

He moulds clients into fighters with an insatiable commitment and zest to progression.

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Dennis is a master trainer in battle ropes and instructor of crossfit, boxing and bootcamp – he'll be bringing everything all at once to the brand new class POWERBATTLE.

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Rodney is the champion using the unique double pads sparring technique. He’ll be bringing all the energy, technique and combinations we need to grand slam as workout. 


Roël is the current K-1 Heavyweight world champion and owner of Amsterdam’s leading authentic kickboxing location.

Having achieved so much on a personal level Roël uses his experiences fighting the world’s best the ring to teach and inspire those who train with him.

He has passion and vision to remain the undefeated world champion and to inspire those around him to fight for their goals.

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When it comes to transformation Herns knows everything about it. Started out as a Football player, turned into a Track and Field athlete to now dominating long distance running. This man will get you there every single time.

Outside of the gym you will find Herns DJ and MC’ing around the city, a world class bike workout instructor with contagious passion and zest to constantly strive for more.

An expert in his field driven to create a show at each an every one of his classes.