Meet our international team of elite trainers, experts in their field.

Instructing classes of impeccable standard via personal attention, gradual intensity progression and a mutual emphasis on proper technique to keep your training progression in full motion.



Head trainer at People's Place Gym and founder of luxury health and fitness retreat company. 

Olivia has been a personal trainer and bootcamp instructor to the glitterati of London for many years before moving to Amsterdam.  

Trained in martial arts in Thailand and equipt with a fierce enthusiasm to create exciting 360 workout experiences.


Armed with imposing technique and awe-inspiring skill from her professional background in dance, and Master training in Pure Barre from the United States.

Italy’s classes are an eclectic mix of functional and deep conditioning training in a low impact but high energy style.

Italy has crafted her own method of Barre instruction and powerfully delivers it as one of our founding trainers at People's Place Gym.


Founding trainer of People's Place Gym and co-founder of one on Amsterdam’s most well known personal training companies.

Having started out training convicts in Holland’s prisons, Mink has established a method of training that encompasses the mind body and soul.

Focused on delivering a hardcore workout with equal amounts of fun and effectivity.


The most energetic member of our team with a strong following and penchant for core workouts.

Dedicated to promoting a healthy attitude to health and fitness, Belle’s workouts captivate her clients by showing her extraordinary personal strength during her classes.

Specialising in sculpting bodies in a controlled yet high intensity interval training method combined with a seriously hard-core focus!


Holland’s ex-pro fighter Ramzi trains our clients in boxing technique to world class fighting standard.

With over a decades worth of personal experience in Kickboxing, and founder of a professional flighting team his box tech training classes are in high demand.

He moulds clients into fighters with an insatiable commitment and zest to progression.


A master trainer of battle ropes and a Les Mills developer driven to become influential in the society in which he lives. His aspirational instagram will keep you lifting, whilst his infectious personality will keep you enjoying training and coming back for more!  He'll have you pushing to the limits with a smile on his face, whilst you quickly develop your battle rope exercise repertoire.

Dennis has his own successful PT and group training gym and is based in Den Haag. He brings his best to Power Battle several times per week but move fast, this guy's workouts get booked up quick. PPG's friendly giant, and a man of many talents. 


Rodney brings the perfect combination of box HIIT and box technique. He'll encourage and motivate you throughout his classes being the human definition of the 'calm before the storm'.  He bring's everything he's got to his trainings, focusing his attention on boxing form and technique whilst incorporating high energy HIIT training to keep your heart racing. His pad work is what keeps everyone combing back for more since his extensive knowledge of boxing enables him to have us all feeling like pro's.

Founder of a successful Amsterdam based PT company and father of two Rodney astounds us with the energy of his classes. He might have you falling on the floor at the end of class, but it’s definitely with a smile on your face. You'll find him at the gym for PPGBOX, our favourite weekend kickoff is our Friday morning wake up call classes with Rodney.


A power woman who flexes and stretches us at the barre and in vinyasa. Combining her calm and approachable personality with her fierce strength and flexibility her classes are both inspiring and challenging. 

As authentic as they come, Aiki does hours of Vinyasa training in her own time to keep improving whilst her barre classes remain the highest standard of dynamic movement. Combining both of her trainings will have your legs trembling but well stretched and mentally balanced if you spend your time right. Meet Aiki in our barre studio across the weekly schedule, your bodies new best friend. 


The freshest member on the team who comes equipped with years of technical knowledge and experience behind him. A human movement scientist who strives to make people strong and fit in the most effective way. With a focus on movement for everything such as triathlons, lifting weights, climbing, snowboarding and kitesurfing, Rüben digs deep into effective functional training for strength, conditioning and injury prevention.

With an equally successful modelling career, Rüben knows what it takes to crack a 'balanced' life with a work hard, train hard mentality to achieve results. He's got a keen eye on keeping technique and form whilst  increasing flexibility and mobility but Mental health has also been a focus point for Rüben. Having developed a program for mental clarity whilst in the work place and having consulted on the police force self defence methods he's no one-trick pony! You'll find him teaching the Masterclass or his speciality Kettlebells in our 45 minute KettleCore class. 


From championship rowing to competitive biking through the mountains, we're excited to have this cycling machine on board as a new member of the PPGYM team. 

Pim seeks adrenaline in whatever and wherever he goes. As a trainer he specialises in HIIT, strength and conditioning, driven by his first hand knowledge that true satisfaction comes from pushing the limits.  

Keeping a keen eye on functional movement to ensure a long lasting, strong and able body you'll still find Pim still driving his watts up to 1000 regularly in CYCLE.

As a performance rider he has the skills, but equally he knows it mind over matter.


Our showstopper Javan, born and bread into the fitness industry with over a decade of fitness cycling instruction within his family business. An instructor by day a performer by night having recently completed a tour on one of the most well known shows in The Netherlands. Working as a professional actor Javan knows what it takes to deliver a show, if you want lights, emotion and action he's your man in CYCLE. Self professed to being constantly honest as his character on stage and as a motivator with his clients. Taking care of the mind, body whilst delivering soul food via music and entertainment is Javan's number one goal.


Our very own campus manager takes the stage, she'll be bringing a new set of skills to the team in the CYCLE studio while keeping things sharp on campus. 

If you want a party and some serious calorie torching show up and show off with Floor. Her main focus is on toning and burning, whilst riding to a serious beat.

Having learnt a new skill herself she knows takes to achieve goals.

Showcasing exactly what it takes to take risks and jump in the deep end, the Floor we know and love rock the stage and invites you to join her for a wild ride.