Crafted to optimise health, and made to measure, our Nutrition Bar’s offering ensures you get convenient, sustainably energising meals to grab and go post workout. 


Sport focused nutrition

Our plant rich, nutrient dense, well balanced meals are carefully made to measure to provide the recommended amounts of proteins, fats and carbs (30:30:40) for a healthy, active person. Our menu has been designed by our in-house orthomolecular doctor to sure peak performance is complimented by perfectly balanced nutrition.


Crucial to rebuild muscle tissue and support the immune system. These powerhouses play a key role in improving healthy skin, hair and nails. Working with the closes to organically sourced protein, our shakes respond to what your body craves post workout.


Positively impacting cholesterol levels and heart rhythms we work with moderate amounts of unsaturated fatty acids (healthy fats), think avocado, nuts and seeds.


The best source of usable energy during your training. Due to glycogen release we generate ATP - transportation for energy to support muscle contraction. Consuming carbs directly after your workout is proven to be most beneficial to replenish the body - commonly known as the ‘golden hour’, we encourage moderate quantities to increase power.

Carefully sourced, sustainable products

The Nutrition Bar works with the highest quality, locally sourced and sustainable products possible delivering fresh meals each day.  From salads to sandwiches and shakes our fish, meat, fruit and vegetables are sourced from local fishmongers, butchers and the neighbouring greengrocer and delivered in biodegradable materials. We keep a huge focus on monitoring sustainability by keeping a close eye on reducing our ecological footprint, limiting the use of plastic is important to us.


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